The tagging system I created for my collection of references on citeulike remained consistent throughout the semester and consisted of three highly unique but equally important series of labels.  The firs of these labels were the course label tag, which if or this course would list knowledge. The course label is used to differentiate articles added from other course in the past of future. In fact, I actually used a few references that pertained  to previous courses and used their course label tags respectively. The two other course labels tags consisted of  health – for consumer health information and community – for community and information studies. 

The second label following the course label is that of the grouping label tag. The grouping tag helps narrow the articles who remind under the same course label into fewer subtitles. Some of the grouping tags I used were organization(s) – for articles discussing KM within the context of organizational communication and information and management – which helped differentiate article which discussed/analyzed KM theory with no particular frame or even within a variety of contexts.

The third and final subtitle label as a part of tagging system was the detail tag. The detail tag was used to separate each individual article apart from both the second tier grouping label as well as the first tier course label. So examples of third tier detail tags were creation- for articles discussing how knowledge is created, transfer – for articles analyzing the ways in which knowledge is transferred, and social – for articles explain the social processes involved in knowledge management. 

In many ways the tagging system I concocted is highly simplistic. However, the system proved to be incredibly useful as I was initially organizing the articles and then referencing the same articles in bog posts later on in the semester. As my reference list began to grow I would undoubtedly adjust this system to accommodate to a higher number of articles. I general I really enjoyed the organizational nature of citeulike. It is by far a much more useful tool compared to the way I would have attempted to organize the same files in a folder on my desktop. This way I have access to theses references anywhere I go. My only concluding thought is that I found the tool extremely helpful and appreciated being  introduced to citeulike. My only regret is not being introduced early in my undergrad career. I was truly and utterly derived of organizational gold.


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